Posted: September 9, 2005 in About Jase, Beauty

Go with the flow and JUST BE.

Me and N started doing Bikram Yoga September last year.
We stopped when my parents came, so we have more time
to spend with them.

I was a bit skinnier last year – so i could easily perform
most of the poses. When we started again two weeks ago,
I could not anymore do most of the routines.

Hopefully in a month’s time – I will be back to my athletic

Namaste !

Bikram Yoga
Bikram method yoga is an intelligently designed series of 26 postures (asanas) lasting 90 minutes. It is practiced in a hot room (around 37 °C) to warm your muscles helping to prevent injuries, allowing deeper stretching, and sweating toxins from the skin.

It is performed in a sequence designed so that every posture stretches and strengthens the specific muscles, ligaments and joints needed for the following posture. The Bikram method is cardiovascular and an intense workout suitable for beginners and experienced students. Every muscle group and all five systems of the body are stimulated towards optimal functioning. The end result is an unparalleled feeling of mental and physical well being and relaxation.

  1. isay says:

    naku! di ako magtatagal jan neh – hirap nyan ah- maglilinis na lang ako ng house or lalakad kami ni Louis –🙂

  2. Duke says:

    I’ve always wanted to try this yoga! how does it feel? I just tried yoga once and had the best sleep of my life after. kakainggit!

  3. jhaya says:

    his Isay and Duke… itry nyo ang yoga na to, you really feel refreshed and invigorated afterwards…. actually, even you do this at home, that’s what we will be doing later…kasi nga it is a little bit expensive too for the two of us…kaya we will just do the normal yoga…may mga books and dvd naman to guide you…o sige na…mag yoga na tayo !!!!

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