Posted: October 20, 2005 in About Life

I just feel like going away somewhere on my own …

Running along the desert and shouting to the top of my voice, Or half awake dancing naked with the loudest disco music with wolves,

Talking to strangers …
I am too tired of the same routine, the same things over and over again…
like echoes in my dreams … humming forever.

I want to wake up with another skin, another face, another mind…
I am tired…. of myself, of this world…

Today…. hopefully tomorrow, i will be fine again….

  1. KnOizKi says:

    Ganito gawin mo: Go to the 50th storey bldg tapos tumalon ka at sumigaw ng “MAHAL KO KAYO”.

    Just wanted to make you laugh!

    It’s normal to feel bored because you know you’re alive.

  2. jhaya says:

    Hi Knoizki, thanks🙂 you really made me smile … kakatuwa ka talaga, i can imagine🙂 i am feeling better already.

  3. Duke says:

    “Or half awake dancing naked with the loudest disco music with wolves… “

    whoah! sounds interesting. sama ako!
    cheer up jhaya. If you want need someone to kick you hard in the arse to get you jumpstaretd I can volunteer😀

  4. atomicvelvetsigh says:

    ohh ako din to, velvet…i just cant stop leaving comments.. (dapat me aayusin pa ko sa blogs ko, pero hmm.. mya nalang)

    havin these thoughts too you know. tired of the same old same old. you should travel! adopting sa pagtalon.. hmm.. try bungee jumping.. tanggal lahat ng inis and pagod mo with life. haaa! iwan mo sa ere ;p

    need to try that too.. sama ka?

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