Posted: October 21, 2005 in About Jase, About Life

I’m a constant dreamer.

Seldom do i wake up in the morning without feeling languid or tired after these very complicated dream scenarious in which I had been actively and emotionally involved while i sleep.

Why do I dream like this? Some of my friends said that they do not dream at all or cannot really recall their dreams. I do however recall most of my dreams – and the emotions that are triggered by these nightly occurences.

I do not mind the happy ones – since they give me a happy frame of mind that I carry during the day. But the traumatic or shall i say nightmares really determine my moods during the day.

Manifestations of my worries, my fears and my subconcious … I dream
of these nightmares because during the day i worry a lot, or i stress
myself with things both imaginary or real ? Yes, sometimes, i look
at the world with my blue sunglasses, and this outlook is being
magnified in my dreams… Or maybe I need a long vacation, or I miss
my friends and family.

Yes, I am in my depressive mood these days… the good thing is that
I know that I am not well, and I can improve my self by focusing on the bright
and sunny things…. and this also stops my nightly visitors, well hopefully.

Sweeter dreams to my tonight !!!

(By the way, how do you like my artwork?)

  1. KnOizKi says:

    Artistic! I dream to be like that.

    Must be the place you live kaya homesick ka. Sa HK, I seldom feel it dahil malapit umuwi sa Pinas.

    Layo nyo kase nina Isay. Gawin mo yung E.T. call home, mawawala yan.

    God Bless & have a great weekend.

  2. jhaya says:

    Hi Knoizki,

    Thanks for visiting, and for the nice comment, actually that’s what i just need today. Tama ka – i just did an E.T. call this morning and talked to my mum, she assured me that what i am feeling these past days are just normal – and my dreams are just about me needing to laugh out loud – – with friends… can i laugh with you? ha,ha,ha….o yan🙂

  3. Duke says:

    Heads up dearie. I’m sure your dream is an extension of your conscious mind. It’s your sub-conscious saying something.

    It’s good you called home. It does help… A LOT! 😀


    btw.. i like the artwork!

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