Posted: March 9, 2006 in Artz, Flower Power, Passionz

I’ve finally pursue one of my passions – the art of Ikebana. My other dream or wish would just remain a fantasy – since it would be impossible if not hard to become a Geisha.

Yesterday night was was second session and I am quite happy of the results.

Our Teacher is a Japanese guy who has an extensive and long time experience in the art. He is very nice and oh yes he serves us with really nice rice tea while we were doing the arrangements. Isn’t that nice! I was just thinking that in one of the sessions, we will be wearing kimonos.

We have to bring our flowers and materials and do two projects during the session. One is a straightform Ikebana and the other is freestyle.

I’ve taken some photos of my work from my mobile but it I still have to download it to the computer. Shoshu (the instructor) said that I am a natural. This is really great!

  1. Hattigrace says:

    I can’t wait to see your work. Hey, I am learning something. Never heard of Ikebana Banana!
    How’s your hair? :>)

  2. jase says:

    Hello Hattigrace, Ikebana is beautiful, its like hairstyling – have to be good in creating and finding beautiful in ordinary things!

    I am sort of hating my hair at the moment… it is still inthe growing stage so i keep on using some products to keep them in a nice shape … thinking of coloring it again this weekend🙂

  3. D.T. says:

    A geisha, huh? Well maybe you could be the first geisho and make the art of man-whoring popular…kidding!

    But for reals, I’m really curious as to what is Ikebana? From the picture you posted, I guess it’s a flower art?

  4. Hattigrace says:

    Have you read the latest comments on my blog post “answer”? Kinda scarey. Wanted your opinion. You doin’ okay?

  5. Naomi says:

    hey.. love ikebana too! would love to see your artworks soon eh?

    about your hair, have you tried the biosilk yet?

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