Posted: May 23, 2006 in Gay Domestic Life, Nothing Inez

the wizard, the wizard of Oz!

I thought of this song while packing all the teddy bears and the the stuff-ed softies in a box ready for storing.

Yes, we are still madly redoing the house. At the moment, we are stucked doing the second bathroom toilet and it is quite challenging. The plumbing was the worst part!

It would still be a long way to go. We are left with the hallways (plastering and repainting), two more bedrooms, and the kitchen. Then we start doing the garden and exterior paints. It is hard because it is winter, and we have been sick already several times for the past weeks. But then, we have to continue doing this as we are targetting to sell the house come summertime!

  1. vina says:

    good luck! after everything’s done, i’m sure you’re going to say “it was worth it”.

  2. jase says:

    thanks vina

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