Posted: July 26, 2006 in Beauty Talks


I just saw the late broadcast of the Miss Universe last night, and I honestly thought that the winner looks like a young and beautiful drag queen!Well, she looks, walks, talks and acts like one and she even wore that remarkable silver gown that a drag queen would die to wear. 

Being barely eighteen, she has the skinny lithe features I saw a lot in young & fabulous drag queens!

What would Trump give if they found out she is truly a young puerto rican boy in drag?  Ms Japan with her samurai would surely love this idea! 

  1. vina says:

    sayang, i wasn’t able to catch it. but seeing her photo on the newspapers, i don’t like her face that much din. her features seem too strong, quite an opposite from last year’s Ms. Universe winner who really just looks like a goddess.

    hehe, oo nga no, that would be some scandal if it were found out that she is actually a he.

  2. duke says:

    really? when she went out with her evening dress my hsband and I thought she was really stunning!
    IMO, She looks a little bit like Adriana Lima.
    I loved the costume fo Ms.Japan! Fab Samurai look!

  3. duke says:

    I think my comment went into your spam filter😦

    anywayse, just as I was saying,I my husband and I thought she look great in her evening gown.

    She remind me of Victoria’s Secrets’ Adriana Lima😀

  4. David says:

    Silver crown? Whatever happened to the ever popular white-gold or platinum?

    And I have to disagree with Vina…I think Ms. Universe is really beautiful and in a way she sorta resembles my dad’s step-aunt’s daughter. But then you said she looks like a drag queen…hmmm…

  5. Well I do agree that she looks like a drag queen. I saw some parts of the live show but I turned it off after seeing that MS. Norway didnt make it or even Ms. Philippines for that matter.

  6. Shellz says:

    Hmmm…I didn’t watch the show…didn’t even know it was on. But from that pic, WOW! She totally looks like a drag queen to me…but then, I find a lot of celebrities to be quite masculine in their features – Hilary Swank, Jennifer Aniston to name a few…

  7. jane says:

    now that you mentioned it, I realized that’s what I sensed was wrong..he he. no wonder Ms. Japan walked out! but I still think she was a sore loser.

  8. jane says:

    hey there, I tagged you in a meme I got from JMom. am not sure if you do tags but I’d be glad if you obliged😉

  9. vina says:

    just want to say hello sisterette! hope you’re doing great!!!!!


  10. jase says:

    helooo everyone !

    vina – you’re right, last year’s winner has that very feminine beauty.

    david – your cousin should join the contest, what do you think?

    charles – i’m happy u agree with my observations…

    shellz – actually you are correct… Hillary Swank is really masculine looking

    jane – i have not really done tags before, but will do this for you🙂

    vina – hello sisterrete!

  11. tin-tin says:

    waah!!! i don’t think my comment reached you. and i forgot what i said😦

  12. duke says:

    me too! my comment didn’t register! waaaahhhh😦

  13. Kelly Carson says:

    Pero ang Ms. Philippines, being Ms. Photogenic looked more like a man, di bah? Ah? Hahahahahaha.

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