Posted: September 4, 2006 in About Jase

Hi everyone,  I just got so excited today since our fellow bloggers of the Las Estrellas blog fame, has just nominated and presented me with their August 2006 Choice Commenter Award!  What a great idea in blogging! 

Their blog is really very cheeky, entertaining but smart at the same time.  Go and have a read at some of their funny posts! 🙂

  1. Yeah I always dig that blog!

  2. tin-tin says:

    congrats!!!! two words and you’ve won! galing mo talaga jase!

    the descripition for you is sooo right. maria clara ka tlaga. and jase, ngayon ko lang naisip. dapat pumasok ka sa politics. basta! i think you’ll really make a difference.

    and i like the speech! panalo!

    namiss ko si yuri tuloy. i remembered his comment kse about your post on why we need superman.

    so where’s victory party?🙂

  3. jase says:

    hi charles – you’ve also been nominated and they had some cheeky comments about you as well! they are really very funny – blog entertainment to the max!

  4. jase says:

    hi tin-tin – i really do not know where that Maria Clara or Marie Claire idea came about. As if i come ba as really conservative in prudish sometimes?

    OO nga I wish Ms Yuri – nasaan na kaya ang malditang yun, would you know?

  5. Eric says:

    Congratulations, Jase!!!

  6. jase says:

    Thanks Eric… I think the bloggers have to be awarded some time or another for their great efforts!🙂

  7. Kyels says:

    That’s cool.

    Actually there are awards for best blogs in Asia and so on. You’ve gotta enter the nomination to win.

    But definitely all these award will encourage us; bloggers to keep blogging.


  8. jase says:

    Hi Kyels… really! then we should join to win🙂 but then, i think the best award is self satisfaction that you’ve expressed yourself and met some friends as well, isn’t it?

  9. din-din says:


  10. jase says:

    hi din-din, thanks, hope ur ok!

  11. Kyels says:

    Yes Jase.

    I do agree with you. The self-satisfaction for me is when I met new friends around the globe just like you. Honest!

    You can join that but I’m not sure when. They have lotsa categories. Hehe.


  12. KELLY CARSON says:

    It was a unanimous decision. Bow kami sa sense of humor mo hija. Maganda ka. Mwah.

    (Walk out)

  13. jase says:

    Hi Kelly, thank you, thank you! Love ko rin naman ang Las Tres Estrellas – ang gaganda nyo!


  14. Shellz says:

    Congrats Jase! You deserve it!

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