Posted: September 15, 2006 in Fashion

Today, after trying hard not to purchase another perfume, I succumb to this one:

  Red Delicious by DKNY! 

Plus, I got a nice freebie bag of course, which finalized my deal! 


I found the green one too sweet, and the champagne too strong! 

So I settled for this female version which is just irrisistibly perfect!

Would be nice for a cool night with partner and friends in cozy cafe or restaurant! 

Or a night with the boys!   Hmmmmmmmm….

  1. Kyels says:

    I do agree that the green one is a tad too sweet as well. But I have not had the chance to smell the red one. Perhaps I should test it out one of these days. Hehe.

    Jase, what kinda perfume do you like? The distinctive smell for it.


  2. Jennie says:

    I love DKNY Red! But I’m rather partial to DKNY Energising for Women :p

    Speaking of purchasing perfume, I got Truth by Calvin Klein last night… it was on sale for $85 for 100ml in Myers! Comes with a huge baby blue bag as well… perfect for the beach!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. jase says:

    Hi Kyels,

    Ohhh, you will love this Red Delicious. When you put it on – it is so different. Like a mix of apple, champagne, and other exotic fragrance that will exudes freshness and sophistication… you will really love it!

    I love something unique … and I am partial to light citrus (not spicy nor flowery) fragrance!

  4. jase says:

    Hi Jennie,

    That blue bag !!!! Oh my Goshhhh, i love that Bag …

    You know, sometimes, I just have to buy the perfume because of their fabulous bags!🙂

    I also got mine from Myers.

    Have a good weekend !!!

  5. r*yan says:

    dkny red delicious, huh? might check it out next time i’ma t myers.

    i am, though, *loving* ck’s newest, euphoria – yum!

  6. vina says:

    definitely for a night with the boys sis!

  7. tin-tin says:

    made me think when was the last time i bought a perfume

  8. Kyels says:


    It sounds really nice. I guess I might go and look up for it.


    Yeah, I love perfume that is unique too. But not too spicy as well. Floral and cool would be good.

  9. jase says:

    @ Ryan – Yes, your new boyfriend would really love that!

    @ Vina – Yes, definitely sister!

    @ Tin-tin – Yes, how about getting one for yourself.

    @ Kyels – Oh Yes, just get one for yourself, and remember me whenever you use it!

  10. Lyka Bergen says:

    I love the bag. Havent check the pabango yet but if it is from you, im sure patok!

  11. jase says:

    Hi Lyka,

    Yes, it is really patok! Believe me dharling!

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