Posted: December 13, 2006 in About Philippines, Interests


This is my movie wish this Christmas and on the above trailer alone, my favorite this season!!! 

To be shown in Metro Manila Film Festival this December,  Zaturhnna is based on “komiks” and was also produced into a musical early this year.  I can’t wait for the DVDs to be released!  Wow! 

Rustom Padilla should be a gem to watch in his first (?) ever movie after his big coming out as a flaming gay guy!  He is now the girly girly type.  I believe he is really happy now that he is not hiding in the closet anymore!   Remember he was that very uptight straight acting action star with very low voice in his early days and even got married to Carmina Villaroel.   But like Zsazsa Saturna, he had a beautiful wonderful transformation!

It was in the Big Brother Philippines Edition that Rostum came out in style to the public.  He was crying as he told his story and how he was bashed by his father and older brothers when he was showing early signs of gay tendencies.  You could feel the pain he was keeping.  But now it is over.  He is free!  He is beautiful!

Good on you Rostum (sounds like scrotum)!   Your father should have named you Rosito so it would be easy calling you Rosita, Rose or Rochelle now!


  1. David says:

    You know what else will be a good movie to watch out for this Holiday season…Dreamgirls. So much Oscar buzz, so many cheesy sequined moments, how could you miss it?! But still…I will be on the lookout for yours…

  2. tin-tin says:

    honestly, i find rustom goodlooking before. but now.. he’s so thin. yun lang. sana lang maayos niya sarili niya🙂

  3. vina says:

    i read the komiks, and i hope the movie is as hilarious!

  4. Kyels says:

    Oh, I’ve never heard of this komik before but it sure does look good!


  5. jase says:

    @ DAVID
    Hey David, once the DVD gets released, I will send you a copy. Promise!

    @ TIN
    Yun nga ang pinagbago ni Rustom – maganda na siya ngayon🙂

    @ VINA
    Hilarious and entertaining nga siguro based on the trailer… the storyline forget it… as long as it is pinoy and full ofbading ok lang.

    @ KYELS
    You should watch this in the Philippines… buti ka pa🙂

  6. Lyka Bergen says:

    Kakalokaaaah~! Excited na ako, excited na ako…. tingnan nyo!!!! Babae na ako!

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