Posted: January 30, 2007 in Gay Talk

In the past few months of being actively involved in the gay community, after years and years of hybernating (leading domesticated non-scene gay life), I was reminded of the somehow chaotic, dramatic and yet exciting lives of the queens in the open fields.

Meet for example the following (of course not their real names)

Ricky – a 25 year old pinoy gay guy who is still living with his family/parents and is now partially open of his sexuality.   Often picks up or being picked up at venues and gaybars for one night stands.  He said that he would go for the second date and usually stops at the third encounters as he would get bored afterwards.  He has mastered the hazy division between LOVE and LUST.  Had previously been in a (boyfriend) relationship that only lasted for three months.  He broke up with his boyfriend as he found out that he was having other extra curricular activities.  Ricky said that he does not like open relationships.   He’d rather remain single until he finds someone who shares his beliefs and principles.   As to when? Only time will tell.

Judelle – 38 years old Filipino gay guy.  Currently living with an old friend with whom he bought an apartment in the city.  He is also “happily” in pseudo open relationship with an older ozzie guy.  He admits to being on the look out for possible flings with guys preferably straight and married.   And the only way he could get away with this is to advertise himself as a transvestite.  He said that straight guys loves him when wears girls’ outfits!

Kristofer,  24 year old and working as a bartender in a local club.  He is a bit on the wild side and goss is that he is into all sort of stuff, even drugs.  This explains his very skinny frame and the volcanic ruptures on his face and body.   He is also dabbling into drag performances and is quite popular due to his dance moves.   His ads is that he was a former member of a dance group in the Philippines.   He is a bit of a playgay and he boasts of his various conquests – like he would say he’d done that boy and that –  or done or being done by most of the attractive boys in the scene.  Mind you, he also has a girlfriend who is working in the Middle East, and he has not admitted being gay to his family – although he is gayer than the word gay itself!

  1. r*yan says:

    so where can i find this ricky??? ;P

  2. jase says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I have a feeling you know this guy🙂 but hey, there are a lot of Ricky’s everywhere in the gay scene🙂

  3. -tonskie- says:

    hi jase… i love your post…🙂

    hope to be ur friend…

    anyway.. hope you would see my blogsite… at least i could add you up as one of my friends… im kinda new to the blogging scene…🙂


  4. Lyka Bergen says:

    I am no Ricky, Judelle, or Kristofer…. I am boring.

  5. Kyels says:

    I don’t think I am any of them three … Heehee. I am myself!


  6. jase says:

    Howdee? You have a fab blog site and I am adding you up in my links. Salamat for visiting!

    @ LYKA
    Ohhh, you’re sooo humble my dear! I know you have a very colorful life up in SF.

    @ KYELS
    Yeah you are – and very very unique too!

  7. Hi, Jase!

    I’m Michael U. Obenieta, editor of Sun.Star Cebu’s Weekend Magazine where we have a section called BLOG PLUG wherein we feature what we consider the most noteworthy blog of the week for our readers to visit and enjoy in.

    I have chosen your site for Blog Plug (Feb. 3 issue of Weekend), and I hope you’d permit me to publish this post as a way to cue our readers to visit your blog.

    However, I need to know your complete name as byline for your post. Please reply asap. Thanks. And keep up with your very engaging post. God bless…

  8. jase says:

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for choosing my post to be featured in Sunstar Cebu this week.

    Yes of course, I would like my blogsite to be advertised for more readers.

    My byline name is : Jase Davao

    Could you provide/send me a copy of the newspaper portion where this post will be printed?

    Thank you.

  9. r*yan says:

    oy ate, ang galing! special feature pa yan, ha.

    *claps hands with glee*

  10. mauie says:

    kainggit ka naman. ang saya saya mo. pero i bet may next feature ka pa,,,,

  11. Mabuhay ang mga bading! Di ako makapaniwala may shota ako bading na nakuha ko sa text?

  12. ethan says:

    kita tayo sa SM Manila.

  13. hot guy sex says:

    hot guy sex

    I just came upon this website via the blogging baby website. Interesting post. This could have easily been written by me (with just a change or two). Funny to read another story that is so similar to my own.

  14. Kiki Tan says:

    It’s great to know there’s a gay Filipino happily out in Oz – there were many of us a few years back, but most didn’t want to be known as Filipinos, which I found sad. So good on you, mate!

    I am back in the Philippines now, and trying to help effect changes in the local community, largely divided by the political/partying grouping – I always wondered why it’s been hard for us here in the Philippines not to be extremely only political, and extremely party-goers, but merge both (hey, we can still have fun even if we use our heads to promote our rights!). In any case, is my small step to help in this direction…

    More power to you – and here’s hoping we’ll soon have a community as aware as I remember the community in Oz was…

  15. lei says:

    aw my gf meng gay en i really lover her so much but prang d sya n niniwala n mhal ko sya ?bkt gnun?

    pm me s ym…

  16. MARCO YUMUL says:


  17. sharivar says:

    hi guy? i would like to joint at you…im lonely and i dont have e boyfriend. i wish, i have?anyway im from malaysia. and a half blood pinoy and malay…and im a gay too.thanx

  18. sharivar says:

    im looking for handsome byfriend…………..thanx

  19. Brisxz says:

    Hi im brisxz male straigth finding gf any content of sex especialy bi im n0t cute and wafu but willing to love :’) from pilipines

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