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(Miss Gay Tagbilaran Boho, an island in the Philippinesl)

To bee or not to bees dat is the question!

Olah !!!  Gud Evening Ladies and Gentlemen …

This stunning 18 year old girl infront of you is Maria Isabelle Dakug Velat representing the sitio of Tagbilaran, and the choclet hells of Bohol!

Maajong gabei dungog!


Gay Beauty Pageants ….. From the lowly puroks, sitios, barangays, municipalities, cities and provices comes Philippines next tourist attraction.

Like the effervescent karaoke, MG (Miss Gay) has been a very big  part of the Filipino psyche and culture, and not just among the gay guys!

Along with the mainstream beauty contests, gay beautycon is a usual source of fun (heaps of comedy),  entertainment and this somehow created fanatic following mainly among the gay guys, young or old …

For a young gay guy,  joining a beauty contest is like a big debut-  an event towards becoming a “true blue girla-gay-guy!  The ultimate expression!  Full of magic and excitement, and comedy!  Being one with these amazingly glamazons of the puroks and achieving that young dream of becoming a princess or a queen! 

Being crowned the Queen of the Papaya Tree 2005 or Miss Funny Carnival of Gumaok, or just even getting the Miss Friendship Award.  The Gay Beauty Pageant – is that great qualifier!

There is that unexplainable joy or euphoria  achieved by becoming the best (or worst?) version of your femininity, gaiety or deity.  

Or maybe the ultimate expression or freedom of being your true beautiful self.  The essence of a Filipino Gay Guy expressed in gay beauty contests.  

It is thus a common interest that somehow marks and bonds the Filipino gay guys.  Apparently, there are so many gay filipinos that tend to be the girly type than what they call straight-acting (which is common in other western countries…) 

There is really nothing substantial compiled or written about this phenomenon in the web.  No books written ( I have not seen one).  There are resources and other forums in the website that talks about beauty pageants and a lot of you-tubes here and there, but there is nothing organized even in the national or bigger contests like Miss Amazing Philippines, Super Sireyna or the Miss Gay Philippines.

Just recently, an indi film was produced by gay guys to dramatize and present lives of serial gay beauty contestants.  Note that a lot of gay guys become addicted professional contestants and they travel by bus, jeepneys and seas to participate in neighboring provinces beauty contests. Please click on this – – ->  The Thank you Girls.

I am trying to gather all these resources into one single spot (which I will update as needed) and if you could help or direct me to other sites or links then it would be much appreciated, as this would be an important contribution towards humanity (this project).  You can also add your experiences (foreigners welcome), if you have joined beauty cons in the past and even share your photos🙂

Mabuhay ang mga Bakla !!!


MISS GAY IN YOU TUBES (click on the links to see the videos)


Miss Gay Philippines  – According to forums, this is started in 1980s by Chito Alcid (?).  The first Miss Gay Philippines crown was won by Maria Christina Canlas and Glenda Martin was her 1st runner up.  The next year, it was won by a Barbara Perez look alike.  The other early title holders were Bo Magat and Patricia Hilario who was also chosen one of the Philippines’s 5 prettiest gays in 1982. 

Also read this link  – – > MISS GAY PHILIPPINES 2008

Miss Amazing Beauties – This is the current national contest for transvestite.  The winners represent the country to Thailands’ Miss Queen International pageant.  Miss Amazing Beauty 2006.

Super Sireyna  –  is a national gay contest which is shown in television.



Miss Gay Universe Luneta Park – photos of contestants!

Miss Gay General Santos 2007 – a gay city contest in General Santos City, Mindanao.

Miss Gay University 2008 – Ateneo de Davao – a gay beauty contest participated mostly by Ateneo de Davao highschool students.

Miss Gay Santa Maria – Cebu  – a gay beauty contest in Cebu.

Miss Gay Davao – a gaybeaucon in Davao City

Miss Gay Mandaue – Carnival Queen



Miss Gay Barangay   a gay beauty contest in one of the barangays.  The costumes and the stage is just amazing!

Miss Gay Tondo – Amazing yellow gowns! Lovely girls.

Miss Gay Bicutan/Taguguinos – lovely girls in white bikinis.

Miss Gay Reyna ng Ikatlong Lahi – a hilarious contest attended by more than 30 young candidates. Very typical of the barangay beauty contests.

Miss Gay Biliran Island – beautiful girls, sexy legs! 

Miss Gay Naval – amazing costumes,  all with wings and feathers!  Probably held in one of the towns in Cebu where there are a lot of competitive gay guys.


Miss Gay Universe Melbourne – a gay beauty contest in Melbourne in 2008 

Miss Gay Philippines Europe 

———————————- > 

Found links

1.   A Foreigner’s experience about a Provincial Gay Beauty Contest – MISS GAY.

2.   Pageant Culture

3.   Why are we so obssessed with Beauty Contests – Missossology.

4.   Miss Gay Philippines 2008 – Blog.


  1. gibo says:

    wagi itong post na ito para sa upcoming film ni bebs…can’t wait to see thank you girls.

  2. jase/gayzha says:

    Hi Gibo….

    Asan na ang contribution mo for this. Diba wagi ka rin as Miss Gay Pinoy in UK before?

  3. Dawn says:

    Hey gayzha,

    Interesting entry on the beauty pageant circuit in the Philippines. I joined two pageants back home, and true enough – this encouraged me to pursue my ambitions when I left the country more than 10 yrs ago. I have been a winner and a thank you girl, and yet the excitement of being part of a pageant is the best thing there is. So kahit matanda na ang lola mo, join pa rin.

    Thanks for the insightful blog. Keep blogging…


  4. jase says:

    Hi Dawn

    Thanks for visiting…. yes, we need to showcase the talents of the Filipino gays… this is my little contribution. I also love your blog as it shows a lot of your talent and capabilities. Can I feature you in my blog on of these days?

  5. Dawn says:

    Oh yes. I would love to be featured here🙂


  6. Wanda says:

    You forgot to include in your list the prestigious Search for Miss Gay Cordillera, where only Cordilleran gays are qualified to compete in the search for the”Cordilleran representative” in the field of gay pageantry.This particular pageant title becomes even more elusive because of the fact that it is only held every 5-8 years.The last one was held on November 2006, won by La Trinidad,Benguet resident Gelai Onus.Thank you

  7. oishi69 says:

    hey can send me the website for the video of 2009 ms gay on my e mail pls , if u dont mind he he he

  8. oishi69 says:

    the whole pageant pls sssssssssssssssssssssss

  9. FRANK says:

    Thank you for starting a website featuring these beauties from the Philippines.
    I think the Philippines have the most beautiful ladyboys in the world, much better than Thailand, could it be due to the length of the legs. ( I am a ‘leg’ man myself so that might account for it)
    I live in Europe and would like to attend one of these pageants when I take my vacation in the Philippines. Please publish a calendar of future pageants.

  10. Boom says:

    HI! When does the Ms. Gay Bohol happen?

  11. ARIEL ALLERA says:

    Queen of Cebu 2011:

    Everywhere but the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino will seem like a ghost town on the night of November 5th, as a flock of gays will be strutting their way to the coronation night of Queen of Cebu 2011.

    The streets will nevertheless be lit, but Cebu’s most frequented rendezvous will be dim in comparison with WCCHC’s Pacific Grand Ballroom, where Cebu’s 20 most accomplished transvestites light up the stage with their dazzling smiles, flamboyant costumes, distinct fun wears, sultry swimsuits, elegant gowns, wit and humor, glitz and glamour, and all that jazz. Three crowns will be in store for the three most deserving winners: Queen of Cebu-Universe 2011, Queen of Cebu-World 2011 and Queen of Cebu-International 2011.

    It is Queen’s tradition that each of the candidates represents her fantasy country, one that best suits her exotic look. The reigning Queen-Universe, Miss Venezuela Maki Eve Mercedes, will relinquish her crown to her successor. The first Queen-Universe crown was won and worn by Miss Philippines Rain Marie Madrigal in 2009. Rain, as most missosologists would say, is Cebu’s most multi-titled beauty queen and one of the country’s well-known pageant winners.

    Queen is famed to be the grandest beauty pageant for alternatives not only in Cebu but also in the entire Philippines. It is a brainchild of Cebu’s and Manila’s fashion guru and laser-cut maestro, Cary Santiago. Thanks to Queen’s creative production team, Junjet Primor and Victor Cuenco, no other pageant of its kind can give Queen a run for its money. Primor and Cuenco hold sway over the program’s smooth sailing flow, from the breathtaking production number to the glorious crowning ceremony. World-class in every way…

    I’ve had a glimpse of some of this year’s batch, since five of them are my friends and were colleagues of mine during my Sykes Asia days. The reigning Queen-World is also a former colleague, Cheng Suan, representing Malaysia. I’m no longer with Sykes, but then I’ll be nonetheless proud if any of the coveted crowns this year will be scored by somebody I know from work, especially by the one who deserves it most, Miss Spain Bee Urgello a.k.a. Infanta Mariana Victoria de Borbon.

    For anyone who’s been surrounded by a sea of beauties in Cebu, Bee would’ve been the most beautiful bombshell that they’ve ever caught coming ashore. Her presence is mesmerizing in that she can’t help turning heads wherever she goes, let alone winning the heart of every guy in the vicinity of her angelic face and charismatic aura.

    And turn heads she did. During last year’s Queen of Cebu pageant, Bee Urgello was just one of the spectators who came to see the event, only to be awarded in the middle of the show for being the “Best Dressed of the Night,” together with Cebu’s makeup connoisseur Jessie Glova for being the “Star of the Night.”

    Queen of Cebu is the first pageant that beauteous Bee has signed up for, despite the many candidate handlers who’d kept talking her into strutting her stuff at beauty contests here and there. “I’ve always wanted to join Queen since its conception in 2009. My family and friends were happy upon knowing that I enlisted in the search, and are very much supportive of me. I have close friends who have joined and succeeded, and they’ve inspired me a lot to also do the same,” Bee says during one of our casual encounters at AsiaTown I.T. Park.

    When asked why not have her baptism of fire at mainstream pageants, just like how Rain and Maki started, Infanta Mariana Victoria de Borbon replies, “I believe in Queen of Cebu’s advocacy. One of the reasons why I joined is that it is probably the most prestigious pageant for alternatives in the Philippines today. It is headed by two people that I highly admire and respect in the fashion industry, Cary Santiago and Wendell Quisido. To be a part of something conceived by Cary, Wendell and all the talented people behind Queen 2011 is such an honor and a pleasure for me.”

    Hence the question what differs Queen of Cebu from other pageants. The pretty and brainy Bee answers, “Queen is not your typical Miss Gay pageant. It’s not just about the glamour. Queen is tied up with various charities and I am so blessed to be a part of it. Giving back to the community is such a humbling and wonderful experience for me.”

    Almost always being a first-timer has its advantages and disadvantages. Her take on the notion is that “… it’s a disadvantage for me because, compared to most of the other candidates, I have zero experience when it comes to joining beauty pageants. I don’t know the secrets of the trade. It’s an advantage for me because I am very passionate about it. It’s so much easier for me to learn new things from various beauty pageant experts. I’ve absorbed everything that they have taught me like a sponge. For a first-timer like me it can be very challenging. Good thing, I love a good challenge and, most importantly, I’m having the time of my life being a part of Queen 2011.”

    And just like other Goodwill Ambassadors trying to make a difference in today’s society, this beauty and brains icon in town takes pride in her personal advocacy. “I am a proud member of C.O.L.O.R.S (Coalition for the Liberation of the Reassigned Sex). We, the members, envision a strong, united and empowered transgender community that nurtures our welfare, and rebuild a discrimination-free as well as equal society,” she discloses.

    Among international beauty queens, Bee admires Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta of India. She reasons, “She has all the qualities of a beauty queen. She’s very articulate, charismatic and beautiful! Her performance blew me away. She is the perfect epitome of a beauty queen.” As for local title-holders, she adds, “I’ve always idolized Binibining Pilipinas-World 2006 Anna Maris Igpit. I’ve seen how she’s grown… from local pageants here in Cebu to Bohol and to the national and international level. She has always amazed me with her beauty, talent and wit.”

    It may take forever for one to read the least bit trace of masculinity in Bee, inasmuch as she’s a woman trapped in a man’s body. And because a compliment on her classic beauty is surely at the ready, it’s hard not to wonder whether she doesn’t get fed up with these same phrases and praises. She admits, “Honestly, I don’t. I know for a fact that our physical beauty will fade with time. It’s a great feeling to be given a compliment like that, but it would be better if those people who gave those compliments got to know me better. That way, they won’t just compliment me for my looks alone but also for my fun and kind personality.”

    True, little do people know that Bee Urgello is a doting daughter-cum-son, a loving friend, and an easygoing person. She comes from a highly affluent family in Cebu, thus born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Yet, she’s a down-to-earth individual from head to toe.

    Bee cannot contain her excitement as she looks forward to that big Saturday night. Asked what she is most excited about, she goes, “Everything! Everything is so new to me. It’s like a dream that would eventually come true on the 5th of November. The gorgeous gowns, the sexy swimwears, the elaborate costumes, the unique fun wears, the amazing production number, the distinguished board of judges, the crowd… everything!

    “I’ve always wondered how it would feel to be a beauty pageant candidate and a beauty queen at that: to be on stage, with all the lights, the cheers. Most of my closest friends, both women and transwomen, are fond of joining pageants anywhere. And all those years I’ve been there supporting them and assisting them backstage. Now, it’s my time to shine and live my dream to the fullest!” Bee beams.

    LIKE Miss Spain Bee Urgello a.k.a. Infanta Mariana Victoria de Borbon on Facebook.

    Step 1: LIKE the Queen of Cebu page
    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Queen-of … 5242071610

    Step 2: Then LIKE her picture. She is Candidate # 18 – Miss SPAIN
    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid … =1&theater

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