Posted: October 22, 2008 in Beauty, Drag, Drag Make Up

I have this perfect picture of Rupaul and I want to copy her make up!  

This must be taken when she was promoting MAC!  

Perfect Beauty !!! 

  • Eye Make Up – the secret is in her eye make up.  Pigments of darkest brown and black.  Smoky but not too strong.  Black lashes.  Very clean upward eye-shape.  Properly brushed in and contoured.  Moss green contact lenses.  Dark lashes (without those glittery drag lashes) … Perfectly shaped drawn brown eyebrows, over properly pasted and hidden ones.  I guess like all the other drag queens, she must have drawn this using a shaped fork or spoon, to get that even perfect shape.
  • Nose – note the dark highlights (shadow) and the light on the ridges.  Just like the Asian drag queens, we have to do this trick in order to fake a more prominent thinner nose.  On the stage, this is really effective.
  • Lips – Almost nude pink but with dark chocolate lip liner.  Glossed.
  • Contour – properly contoured, BLENDED to perfection,  brown to golden blush. Probably MAC foundation.


I tried to get a sharpened image – to see how the photo looked like pre-photoshopped.  And I got the following which showed the works done ! 


  1. Kimmy Cho says:

    Rupaul is indeed beautiful !!! She is a legend !

  2. Dee Dee says:

    I tried doing her make up. You have to use MAC or Drag makeup – Kryolan – to achieve that matt effect!

  3. jase/gayzha says:

    @ Kimmy
    I agree … every drag queen I know loves her act.

    @ Dee Dee
    Kryolan make up! Yes, that is a full coverage stage makeup that most drag queens use. They are quite expensive though!

  4. Kyels says:

    I fail when it comes to make up. Not the make up kind of person! LOL!

  5. duke says:

    the lip make up is amazing! the blending of colors…. galeng!

  6. Tiffany says:

    plezz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 help me with my makeup like rupaul. i need step by step

  7. Tiffany says:

    mrs. de de maybe u could give me step by step. can i have more info on kryolan. what u think of air spray makeup

  8. michelle says:

    i want my face like rupaul with the same kind of makeup foundation and press powder all of it where can i get it

  9. Cat Power says:

    From Berlin with love, SoundMonsters – SOMMERHIT 2012

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