Posted: January 20, 2009 in About Life
Yesterday, the Midsummer Festival in Melbourne started with the usual Carnival at the Park and that T Dance.
It was a very hot day and we only stayed for a couple of hours – just going around with Raffy and Skippy (their first public gay activity!).
Unlike the previous years, it seems that this kind of activity (festival) has lost its energy, passion and all that jazz … Maybe it is only me. But I found it totally boring! For the newly initiated and outed gay guys, maybe it is still very relevant and exciting! But who knows?
People are just going around as if in daze, walking around the stalls searching for anything interesting – – – maybe with their friends and pets, but that’s all about it! They look like tired old gay guys, trying to be in a festive mood in the glaring sun at midday !!!
Gays Coming of Age?
But i can feel the indifference. The look of self-indulgence that has totally lost its meaning. Emptiness. As if being gay in this time and place is not news anymore! Nothing to celebrate …
You can see that in the faces of these people going around and around looking for something they cannot find and understand why ? – not happy and gay🙂
So where’s the festival ???

Well even the gayest festival of all in Sydney, is believed to have lost it’s luster!
Not even a fully beaded/sequined gay flag could bring back its glory ….
And I decided not to go this year !!!
But on the upper side of the world, people are still celebrating. And in the festival city of the Philippines, the gayest of all the festivals is the Sinulog Festival (which just ended ???)
I guess, there are types of people that are born for celebrations and festivals!

  1. karmi says:

    Are these bottom pics from Pinas? They’re really great. So colorful!
    What happened to the Australian fest? Maybe the organizers were feeling lazy.

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