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In gay beauty pageants, stockings and hosiery play a very important role! 

For some who had been blessed with heaps of feminine genes and had not been in the past, been doing any of the following:

  • playing soccer or football during their teens, 
  • walking up and down hills or mountains to go to school,  
  • were former boxing players
  • nor working in the constructions as their dayjobs

 …. then these boys are lucky enough to get away from buying and wearing expensive stockings (mind you there are hundreds to choose from!).  

But for most of us, who cannot hide our God-given Mohammad Ali legs and torsos, then these heavenly silky stockings would be a good idea!

For Stockard Channing gurls then the following are basic suggestions:

  • Choose the color that closely matches your skin tones, or else you’d look like Alice in Wonderland with those darn white leggings clear as the skies the photos.
  • If you are going to wear bikinis (like the one above), choose “sheer to waist” (without the cut on the upper legs), or else your legs would look like fat muttons ready to be served during thanksgiving day!
  • Best to use “ultra sheer types” – and maybe darker shades of tan or black if you have tons of muscles and fats to hide.  I’d really prefer the darker tones.
  • Some girls use three sets of stockings to effetively shapen, feminized and lengthen their legs and hide lumps and bumps.  So definitiely use five🙂
  • Prep your legs, shave and maybe use leg make up or foundation before putting on the stockings
  • If you have thunder thighs (like moi) or the one on the right above, then it is always a good idea to use stockings first, then black fishnets, and then a light and sheer stocking over the top again.  Use the magic of light and illussion.  Dark makes you look thinner and lighter or white makes you look bigger and fatter.
  • If you are a boy who wanted to look like a girl, even if you have the best boy legs in town,  it is still best to use stockings – full stop🙂
  • You have to learn how to take care of your stockings, as they easily run, and they are bloody expensive!


Noong miyerkoles, November 5, may I join naman aketch sa isang patimpalak (gay contest) dito sa Melbourne.  Di ko uli i-mention ang pangalan ng patimpalak na tesh kasi nababasa ng mga banyaga – at noong nakaraang taon – di pihadong niluto nila ang resulta – (which is very common naman), at dakdak ako ng dakdak!  Kaya tuloy di nila ako tinatawag na mag da-draga uli sa kanilang maliit na pa-show.

Di ko alam kung bakit nag join na naman ako sa taong ito.  Pina-join kasi ako ng organizer.  At saka alam nilang kaladkarin ako when it comes to this.  Eh, alam ko namang maging “thank you girl” naman ang lolah nyo.   Enjoy lang kasi at saka napapraktis ang mga skills ko sa pag-jujuk-ap at sa pag-rampa!    

At saka walang mga pan-laban ang Pinas.  Actually tatlo lang kami.  Karamihan galing ng Thailand. May kandidata kaming dating kandidata sa Miss Mandaue at siempre girl na girl itechs.  Kasi nga tinagurian itong pakontest pa nga ng mga bakletang Asiano – at pataasan ng kilay at wigs ang mga gagah!

Sampu lang ang mga nag-join sa first heat.  At di pa ako nasali sa top 5 na siyang maglabo-labo sa finals. 


Ako nga pala at ang aking kaibigang si Patricia mula sa Cebu.  O divah may mga panlaban ang mga lolah nyo ?  Eto yung mga sexy wear eklat.


Sa gown naman …  Fierce Aketch !!!  Medyo majuba nga lang ang mga selmas ko… keri na rin…

At eto pala ang mga nagwagi




Thailand (1st), Philippines (2), Malaysia (3), Singapore (4), Thailand (5)


 In fairness naman, magaganda ang mga nanalo, pwera na lang sa isang ito …


Mas maganda pa rin aketch.  Tse!!!

 At and isa ko pang bet na from pinas na katulad ko naging Thank You Girl …. bet ko ay nasali sana siya sa Tough Five … Science Fair talaga … Long leggedness pa naman sana ang Lola, at sexy pa, pang Victorian Secrets and drama … Bet ko talaga sha ha !!!


 Kaya next year … deadma na ang pakontest na to !!!

Mag-organize na lang kami ng pakontest na siguradong kami kami rin ang mananalo.


Davash … ?










Bring it on … Baby !!!






OMG !!! OMG !!! Candidate No 19 did not win.  It is candidate No 25 but I did not see her previous photos in the launching photographs …

 Anyway, congratulations Angelika.  O divah, may “K” talaga ang lola🙂 nyo to wear the crown this yar !!!  (inggit mode :))  Sana manalo rin siya sa Thailand !

Angelika Santillan, 27, winner of the Amazing Philippines Beauties 2008 contest for transvestites and transsexuals, waves to the crowd after beating some of the 24 contestants during the coronation night in Manila October 24, 2008. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco (PHILIPPINES).

Rianne Barrameda (L) transfers the crown to Angelika Santillan, 27, after Santillan won the Amazing Philippines Beauties 2008 contest for transvestites and transsexuals, beating some of the 24 contestants, during the coronation night in Manila October 24, 2008. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco (PHILIPPINES)

Angelika Santillan, 27, winner of the Amazing Philippines Beauties 2008 contest for transvestites and transsexuals, walks during coronation night in Manila October 24, 2008. Santillan beat some of the 24 contestants during the event on Friday. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco (PHILIPPINES)

Angelika Santillan (L), 27, reacts after being pronounced winner in the Amazing Philippines Beauties 2008 contest for transvestites and transsexuals, beating some of the 24 contestants, during the coronation night in Manila October 24, 2008. At right is Rosa Garcia, 19, who came in as first runner-up. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco (PHILIPPINES)


And the videos, courtesy of CuteMulawin.

Note : It is a pleasant surprise to see Kuya Germs (of Germs Special) dekada 80’s handling out the flowers and awards to the contestants….. Truly Amazing🙂


TOP 15





This one is soo camp !!! I love it!  Thanks to Cutemulawin for uploading this videos !!! Mwah!

(Miss Gay Tagbilaran Boho, an island in the Philippinesl)

To bee or not to bees dat is the question!

Olah !!!  Gud Evening Ladies and Gentlemen …

This stunning 18 year old girl infront of you is Maria Isabelle Dakug Velat representing the sitio of Tagbilaran, and the choclet hells of Bohol!

Maajong gabei dungog!


Gay Beauty Pageants ….. From the lowly puroks, sitios, barangays, municipalities, cities and provices comes Philippines next tourist attraction.

Like the effervescent karaoke, MG (Miss Gay) has been a very big  part of the Filipino psyche and culture, and not just among the gay guys!

Along with the mainstream beauty contests, gay beautycon is a usual source of fun (heaps of comedy),  entertainment and this somehow created fanatic following mainly among the gay guys, young or old …

For a young gay guy,  joining a beauty contest is like a big debut-  an event towards becoming a “true blue girla-gay-guy!  The ultimate expression!  Full of magic and excitement, and comedy!  Being one with these amazingly glamazons of the puroks and achieving that young dream of becoming a princess or a queen! 

Being crowned the Queen of the Papaya Tree 2005 or Miss Funny Carnival of Gumaok, or just even getting the Miss Friendship Award.  The Gay Beauty Pageant – is that great qualifier!

There is that unexplainable joy or euphoria  achieved by becoming the best (or worst?) version of your femininity, gaiety or deity.  

Or maybe the ultimate expression or freedom of being your true beautiful self.  The essence of a Filipino Gay Guy expressed in gay beauty contests.  

It is thus a common interest that somehow marks and bonds the Filipino gay guys.  Apparently, there are so many gay filipinos that tend to be the girly type than what they call straight-acting (which is common in other western countries…) 

There is really nothing substantial compiled or written about this phenomenon in the web.  No books written ( I have not seen one).  There are resources and other forums in the website that talks about beauty pageants and a lot of you-tubes here and there, but there is nothing organized even in the national or bigger contests like Miss Amazing Philippines, Super Sireyna or the Miss Gay Philippines.

Just recently, an indi film was produced by gay guys to dramatize and present lives of serial gay beauty contestants.  Note that a lot of gay guys become addicted professional contestants and they travel by bus, jeepneys and seas to participate in neighboring provinces beauty contests. Please click on this – – ->  The Thank you Girls.

I am trying to gather all these resources into one single spot (which I will update as needed) and if you could help or direct me to other sites or links then it would be much appreciated, as this would be an important contribution towards humanity (this project).  You can also add your experiences (foreigners welcome), if you have joined beauty cons in the past and even share your photos🙂

Mabuhay ang mga Bakla !!!


MISS GAY IN YOU TUBES (click on the links to see the videos)


Miss Gay Philippines  – According to forums, this is started in 1980s by Chito Alcid (?).  The first Miss Gay Philippines crown was won by Maria Christina Canlas and Glenda Martin was her 1st runner up.  The next year, it was won by a Barbara Perez look alike.  The other early title holders were Bo Magat and Patricia Hilario who was also chosen one of the Philippines’s 5 prettiest gays in 1982. 

Also read this link  – – > MISS GAY PHILIPPINES 2008

Miss Amazing Beauties – This is the current national contest for transvestite.  The winners represent the country to Thailands’ Miss Queen International pageant.  Miss Amazing Beauty 2006.

Super Sireyna  –  is a national gay contest which is shown in television.



Miss Gay Universe Luneta Park – photos of contestants!

Miss Gay General Santos 2007 – a gay city contest in General Santos City, Mindanao.

Miss Gay University 2008 – Ateneo de Davao – a gay beauty contest participated mostly by Ateneo de Davao highschool students.

Miss Gay Santa Maria – Cebu  – a gay beauty contest in Cebu.

Miss Gay Davao – a gaybeaucon in Davao City

Miss Gay Mandaue – Carnival Queen



Miss Gay Barangay   a gay beauty contest in one of the barangays.  The costumes and the stage is just amazing!

Miss Gay Tondo – Amazing yellow gowns! Lovely girls.

Miss Gay Bicutan/Taguguinos – lovely girls in white bikinis.

Miss Gay Reyna ng Ikatlong Lahi – a hilarious contest attended by more than 30 young candidates. Very typical of the barangay beauty contests.

Miss Gay Biliran Island – beautiful girls, sexy legs! 

Miss Gay Naval – amazing costumes,  all with wings and feathers!  Probably held in one of the towns in Cebu where there are a lot of competitive gay guys.


Miss Gay Universe Melbourne – a gay beauty contest in Melbourne in 2008 

Miss Gay Philippines Europe 

———————————- > 

Found links

1.   A Foreigner’s experience about a Provincial Gay Beauty Contest – MISS GAY.

2.   Pageant Culture

3.   Why are we so obssessed with Beauty Contests – Missossology.

4.   Miss Gay Philippines 2008 – Blog.


The Mikimoto Crown

To this – > ???

From really elegant glamorous and precious pearled stunning Mikimoto crown to a $120k worth crown of  white diamonds and stones that looked a little bit different and almost tacky!  

It seems that the Miss Universe has lost that old image of grandeur elegance and now it is really becoming funny, cheap, nasty and even slutty! 

There is sooo much intrigues and bruhaha about the Miss Universe since most of the people involved are soooo intense and passionate about beauty pageants.   I am for one is getting really obssessed and so caught up with third and even fourth hand news of what is going on in Vietnam.   But the best gossips and news are coming from Ines Ligron – the MU Japan National Director.

The latest news is that Miss Universe Riyo Mori was slapped by one of the contestants – Miss Egypt!  Can you believe this ???   Whether true or not – this makes the contest all the more exciting!

Read the whole story here — > Ines

All the delegates were filming for the opening number in their National Costume. Japan and Korea were right on the front… this is bad news maybe it means that they will not be in the finals? I hope not!

Riyo practiced her final speech. This year it will be the first time that a Miss Universe will be dancing on stage during the opening number. Sun will be on the first row, same as Riyo last year. In general they always put the girls who have the best presence and can dance best on the front. In 2003 Amelia Vega was front and Riyo Mori as well last year. Hiroko will be in the back, I am not surprised because she cannot really dance well….

The girls that impressed me today are Czech Republic, Serbia, Russia, Nicragua, Ukraine, Netherlands and Turkey.

I am now in the lobby at the delegate’s hotel, and we are all waiting for the delegates to come. We have an hour sharp to share with them tonight again.

Gossip of the day:

Miss Egypt is a real pain in the neck; she slapped Riyo backstage when by mistake she stepped on her dress. Then she was horrified when she realized she just had slapped Miss Universe! LOL She was saying –“I am sorry I did not know that it was you!!”… Riyo told her: “it is okay, but you should not do that anyway to anyone, this is not really nice”. She was mortified.

Also she shares the room with is Canada and she smokes cigarettes after cigarettes and Miss Canada asked her kindly to pls go outside when she wishes to smoke. She turned around and said: “why? This is MY room?!” Nice girl indeed! Sometimes I wonder why this kind of girl bothers to come here…. Hiroko and Sun adore their respective roommates, they were lucky with Miss Ireland and El Salvador because they are the sweetest girls.

I was seated with the directors of Angola, Antigua and Barbados, Ed of Global Beauties, Osmel Souza and Miss Dominican Republic’ mom at the rehearsals.

The delegates started today at 5 am! And they rehearsed all day

I will write later because Luciano, my good friend whom is the Director of Miss Italy just arrived and I can spot him across the hallway. I want to welcome here. Talk to you after I see the delegates.

The much awaited and prepared for – Miss Victorian Secrets 2008 – which was a showcase of Laffter Arena last Friday – was a total success! 
Incredibly, there were around 500+ seated guests.
The girls were sensational and the costumes were fabulous, creative and colorful.  Everyone was a winner and this group effort could lead to a bigger and better show competition in the near future.
Still waiting for the official photos, I got the following in my camera.
With Kim Idol and Anton Diva (in Darna costumes).